McKie (1) Family Photographs______________________________________________________________________________Thomas

Thomas McKie (1844-1926) son of Thomas McKie & Agnes Agnew
his wife Robina Stewart (1846-1918)
his daughter-in law Mary McKenna (1886-1916)
and his grand daughter Henrietta McKie (1914-1988

William McKie (1890 - 1959) : son of Thomas McKie and Robina Stewart (see above) with a colleague whilst at work at Waulkmill, Kirkcowan where he was employed a Forester. In those days horses were used to pull trees from the woods. Locally know as 'Forester Wullie' he had an apple tree, in the garden at Waulkmill, named after him as he was very fond of the apples. The tree is still there and is known as Forester Wullie's tree.