Information is available on families listed below
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Paternal Families

Barr                                               - direct paternal line
- direct paternal line
                                 - direct paternal line
Routledge                                       - linked by marriage to McMaster
Stewart (1)                                    - direct paternal line

Maternal Families

Andrews                                        - linked by marriage to McKie (1)
Crozier                                         - linked by marriage to McKie (1) 

Galloway                                       - direct maternal line
Kevan                                           - direct maternal line
Marshall, McDonald and Tanner      - linked by marriage to McKie (1) (click Marshall)
                           - direct maternal line (click Kevan)
McKie (1)
                                      - direct maternal line
McKie (2)                                     -  linked by marriage to McKie (1)
                                 -  direct maternal line
Morrison                                      - direct maternal line (click Nicholson)
Murray                                        - direct maternal link (click Stewart (2)

Nicholson                                     - direct maternal side
Stewart (2)                                 - direct maternal line
Turnbull,Butler & Dunn                 - linked by marriage (click Andrews)

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