STEWART FAMILY PHOTOS (My father's side)
_____________________________________________________________________________1. 2. 1. William Stewart (1874-1964) son of Samuel Stewart & Agnes McLelland
    and his wife Hannah McGauchie (c1877-1928).


William Stewart & his wife Nellie Murphy

Robert McLelland Stewart and his wife Jean


2. Samuel Stewart (1890-1958) son of Andrew Stewart & Grace Johnstone
    and his wife Agnes Barr (1891-1957



Alexander Stewart (1917-2002) and his wife Christine Drummond Walls (c1919-2002)
on their wedding day.


Samuel Stewart (1918-1980)- unmarried

Andrew Stewart (1920-2003) and his wife Robina Stewart McKie (1924-2007)


Mary Barr Stewart (1924-1987 and her husband John Young c1920-1964


Agnes Barr Stewart (1927-2007) and her husband Thomas McWhirter 1915-1996
      (photo to be added)


Walter Barr Stewart 1927-2007 (twin of Agnes Barr Stewart) - unmarried

Jean Stewart (1931-2009) and her husband Andrew McClymont Adams (1929-2006)
on their wedding day which was a double wedding with sister Agnes